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A filet of seared fish rests over a bed of risotto and is topped with green beans.

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Belfry Bistro Hours:

Monday & Tuesday: Closed


Wednesday-Sunday: 4:30 PM to Close


Begin May 1st Wednesday - Saturday: 11 to 3 PM

Experience a restaurant like no other. Delight your senses as you walk into the Bistro at the Belfry.

Gaze upon a church built 1901 that has been beautifully and carefully crafted into a breathtaking restaurant. Let your eyes take in the humbling stain glass that will envelop you with warmth and compassion. Look up and take in the oak buttresses holding up the expansive ceiling with choir loft railing lining the balcony. Seek out your favorite wine in the confessional behind the bar that houses a wine selection bar none.

Let your ears take in the piano playing gently as you dine. Listen to the musical performances carefully chosen and paired perfectly with wine and food. Take time and engage in lovely conversations with your companions as you sit in the glorious spot.

Smell the oak wood that this church was built with by the hands of sailors. Let the aromas of the surrounding tables entrees perk up your nose and make you ask, “What is that table having?” Put your nose in the glass and really experience that perfect wine you ordered.

Take a moment and run your hands along the wood of the alter. Feel the chalices and the stations carved into the wood. Feel the white table cloth graze your leg as you sit down. Grab your dining companion's hand and take the time to appreciate the moment. Feel that fork in your hand about to bite into something delightful.

Taste Chef Nicci Tripp’s culinary stroke of genius! From Savory clam chowder made from local clams and chorizo to porcini thyme crusted filet mignon, this menu has it all. Your taste buds will explode as they delight in this culinary adventure.

Let all of your senses ignite as you experience the pleasure of a dining at the Bistro at the Belfry.

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View Our Current Menu Offering

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