Which Belfry Building is Best for You?

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For those of you who still don’t know, the Belfry Inne is NOT just “the church”- it consists of two other beautiful buildings (three in total); each suited to your personal style and needs. When it comes to choosing the perfect room for your Cape Cod getaway, you should ask yourself the following questions to ensure you find the most comfortable room for you and your family.


The Abbey is our pride and joy. It was once a Catholic church, but has since been converted into a beautiful, unique, luxury inn that will have you “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing at every corner. It definitely has a romantic vibe to it thanks to all the deep colors, art, and the spa tubs, but its quiet, “heavenly” atmosphere is also ideal for reserved couples or guests who want to completely immerse themselves in relaxation. The Abbey is perfect for:

  • weddings
  • romantic weekends
  • anniversaries
  • elderly couples
  • quiet evenings
  • gourmet lovers or “foodies”
  • interior design fans


The Painted Lady is another beautifully unique building, but has a much more fun, youthful vibe to it. The whimsy, bold, Victorian decor has a certain charm to it and almost makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale. Award-winning paintings by Helen Shrink adorn the walls, which means you’ll always find something new and interesting to look at. The Painted Lady is perfect for:

  • “G.N.O’s” or Girls Night Out
  • Road trips
  • Weekend getaways
  • Birthdays
  • Tweens/Teens
  • Graduations
  • Small families


While it doesn’t exactly pop out at you in comparison to The Abbey or the Painted Lady, the Village House is The Belfry’s hidden gem. It’s historic, Federal-era charm dates all the way back to 1830. Its simple, bright rooms have a “down-home” feeling that will help to relax you and make you feel more comfortable than ever. Not to mention, they are much more affordable than our other buildings. The Village House is perfect for:

  • Families of all sizes
  • Family reunions
  • Cape Cod layovers
  • Outdoor adventurers
  • Book lovers
  • Family-oriented guests
  • Social butterflies

So now that you know the attitude and appeal of each Belfry building, which one seems right for you? And once you’re ready, why not book a room?

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