The Village House: The Belfry’s Hidden Gem

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When most people think of the Belfry Inne, they think of The Abbey or the Painted Lady (depending on your favorite), but what you may not know is that there’s a third building that bears the Belfry name: The Village House.

Built in 1830, the Village House has all the classic charm, elegance, and character the Belfry has to offer at a price that won’t burn a hold in your pocket.


Call me old fashioned, but I love sitting the feeling of just sitting on a front porch, while people watching, enjoying a drink with friends, or taking in one of my favorite books. The Village House’s covered porch is perfect for taking a break from your fun-filled Cape Cod getaway and just observing the scenery.


“Lobbies” are for commercial hotels and airport terminals. The Village House has a gorgeous, cozy parlor complete with a fireplace and plenty of room to share a friendly conversation with another guest or just warm up during a New England storm.


If you’ve stayed in one of our other Belfry buildings, you’re used to the unique, one-of-a-kind rooms we have to offer. While you won’t find any stained glass or bright pink paint in the Village House, you’ll find classic, clean rooms with just a splash of character to make your trip that much more memorable.

The Village House is also the most practical choice for families. Averaging at about $185 per night, it’s our most cost-efficient building. In addition, some of the rooms contain two twin beds (instead of the usual Queen size) which is perfect if you’re travelling with children. No more trying to cram everyone into a giant King mattress- get them their own room instead!

To book a room at the beautiful Village House, click here or give us a call at 508-888-8550.

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