The Best Massages in Sandwich

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After a long day of hiking, kayaking, or shopping (hey, it’s hard work!), we all love to just lay back, chill out, and take a breather. While it’s definitely important to get make the most out of your Cape Cod getaway, it’s just as important to take the time to rest up for the rest of your vacation activities. Take a nap, enjoy a drink on the porch, indulge in a therapeutic bath using our Vedana Spa Unit, or check out one of our picks for the best massage spas in Sandwich, MA.

Wicked Relaxed Massage Therapy & Bodywork : 71 Route 6A, Unit 4 – Sandwich, MA

For those of you not native to the New England area, this is the only place in the world where “wicked” is a term more often associated with good things rather than witches- and Wicked Relaxed does not disappoint. Their services range from a quick, 30-minute Area Treatment to an all-out, 90-minute Wicked Pampered treatment complete with heat therapy, massage, foot scrub, and aroma therapy. There are options for every budget and comfort level, so check out their site for more details. Oh, and mention the Belfry when booking your appointment for a 20% discount!

Skinsense Cape Cod : 102 Route 6A – Sandwich, MA

Not only does Skinsense offer soothing, rejuvenating massages- they also offer facials, make-up applications, and waxing. Make a spa day out of it! If you’re running low on time, but want the full relaxation experience, they offer a tempting combo deal which gives you a full massage and custom facial all within 60 minutes. Have a quick pampering session that will have you feeling great and ready for your next vacation adventure. Rated as the #1 Day Spa in Sandwich by Reader’s Choice, it’s definitely worth a try!

Cape Cod Massage Therapy : 445 Route 6A – East Sandwich, MA

If you’re looking for a fully immersed relaxation experience, you need to check this place out. Using a combination of music, art, aromatherapy, and feng shui, the certified masusses at Cape Cod Massage Therapy go above and beyond to make sure their spa atmosphere is as comfortable as possible for everyone. They offer all of their services in either 60 or 90 minute timeslots and have a variety of treatments to choose from. If you like to keep things simple, book a Beach and Islands Combination Massage, but if you’re feeling a little more exotic, why not try a Hot Lava Shells Massage? With competitive prices and tons of options to choose from, this place is worth a visit.

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