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3 Reasons to Come to our Wine Tastings!

When most people think “wine tasting,” they think of a gathering of pretentious people sipping on some mediocre wines while making small talk. At the Belfry Bistro, we like to redefine wine tastings and make them something you actually want…

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The Abbey: The Perfect Romantic Getaway

As we’ve mentioned before, the Belfry is not your typical inn. We don’t really believe in beige walls, standard showers, or seemingly cloned guest rooms; oh no. We understand that you want accomodations that suit your style and personal needs….

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Top 5 4th of July Fireworks Shows on Cape Cod!

There’s just something about mini explosives lighting up the sky that we all just can’t get enough of during the summer. Thanks to all the salty beaches and quiet ponds, Cape Cod is filled with some of the best fireworks-viewing…

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