Room Spotlight: The Monday Room

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One thing the Belfry prides itself on is its unique, one-of-a-kind rooms our guests remember forever. Each room has a theme, a message, and something that makes it stand out, so instead of giving you the basic “one-size-fits-all” approach, we’ll be dedicating an in-depth look to one room per week. This week, we’re all about the Abbey’s Monday Room.

If you don’t know already, each room in The Abbey is based on one of the 7 Days of Creation from the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament- but don’t worry, that’s about as religious as it gets. We know you’re on vacation and probably don’t want to feel like “The Man Upstairs” is watching everything you do.

The Monday Room has a “Let There be Light” theme. While the rest of the Abbey has a dark, bold, feel to it, the Monday Room is definitely a breath of lighter, fresher air. If you love the Abbey, but stained glass isn’t your thing, you will love this room. The church pew, king-size bed will make you literally feel like you’re laying on the clouds.

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If you look up, you’ll find an amazingly enlightening skylight that’s perfect for those sun-kissed mornings or those starry nights. There’s also a ceiling fan if you’d prefer a steady, cool breeze instead of an air conditioner.

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One of the most unique features of the room is the rustic flying buttress support beams that lead the way to the bathroom. Left over from the original church design, these fixtures will give you the feeling that you’re actually “up in the rafters” where the best light always seeps in.

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And just like all of our other rooms at The Abbey, you have your own, private deck complete with two patio chairs and a beautiful sundial table. So whether you want to catch some rays without hitting the beach, or enjoy a late-night drink with some friends, this is one feature of the room that should definitely not be ignored.

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I know I mentioned the flying buttress details leading UP to the bathroom earlier, but never the actual bathroom itself. It offers everything you’d expect from the Belfry: a clean, relaxed environment complete with an Ultra Bain air jet tub that can fit up to two people comfortably. No need to hit up the public pool for your hot tub/air jet needs, you have your own private jacuzzi in your room!

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So if you LOVE The Abbey, but want something a little lighter than usual, The Monday Room is exactly what you’re looking for.

What’s YOUR favorite room at the Belfry?

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