Room Spotlight: The Friday Room

One thing the Belfry prides itself on is its unique, one-of-a-kind rooms our guests remember forever. Each room has a theme, a message, and something that makes it stand out, so instead of giving you the basic “one-size-fits-all” approach, we’ll be dedicating an in-depth look to one room per week. This week, we’re all about the Abbey’s Friday Room.

If you don’t know already, each room in The Abbey is based on one of the 7 Days of Creation from the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament- but don’t worry, that’s about as religious as it gets. We know you’re on vacation and probably don’t want to feel like “The Man Upstairs” is watching everything you do.

The Friday Room is named for “The Creation of all Living Things” and apparently “living things” includes angels because the entire room’s color scheme revolves around a gorgeous stained glass window portraying the Angel Gabriel.

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The maroon and gold hues of the glass are the main colors in the room, as reflected in the walls and furnishings. FUN FACT: The walls may seem like they are evenly star-covered, but there is one star missing! Bonus points if you can find the missing star during your stay!

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Just like all the rooms at The Abbey, the Friday Room has a private deck complete with two patio chairs and small table- perfect for having a night-cap under the stars or enjoying an early-morning cup of coffee. It brings in a lot of extra light and gives you that personal outdoor space that most B&Bs cannot offer.

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One of the best things about the Friday Room is that there is no lack of comfort. Complete with a Victornian-style couch, two leather sitting chairs, and a King-size bed (with a church pew headboard), the room is cozy and able to entertain guests comfortably. Then again, you can only entertain others if you haven’t passed out into one of the greastest naps of your life.

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And even though heat is probably the last thing on your mind right now with all these scorching days we’ve been having lately, the Friday room has a rustic fireplace that’s perfect for when it starts to get chilly out. Not to mention, there’s even more stained glass above the mantel.

Fireplace resized 600

And last, but not least: the bathroom. One thing you definitely won’t find in any of The Abbey’s rooms is your basic, 3×3 stand-up shower. Each room has a large spa tub and the Friday Room’s Ultra Bain tub has air jets and enough room for two to fit comfortably. Remember, you’re on vacation! Now is not the time for speedy showers. Relax, rejuvenate, and let it all go.

Bathtub resized 600

So now that you’ve seen the Friday Room in all it’s beauty and glory, why not book a night or two to experience it for yourself? Or, let us know what you’re favorite room at the Belfry is!

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SO SO pretty, and thanks for the detailed article!! So close to Towne Neck beach, too… sounds like a gorgeous place.


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