Relax in the Belfry’s New Vedana Spa Unit!

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At the Belfry, we understand that no getaway is complete without some type of spa treatment, which is why we have installed a new Vendana Care Unit in our Wednesday Room (of the Abbey). This innovative Bain Ultra unit will take you far away from Sandwich and into a relaxing, harmonious dreamworld whenever you want to… if only for a few minutes.

The Vendana features five core therapies that will work through all your stress using mediums best suited for your personal experience.

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The system can reach and maintain up to 175ºF (the recommended dry heat thermotherapy temperatre) to give you the ultimate sauna experience.


Using precision Litebook technology, the Vendana unit is on the cutting edge in terms of light intensity, wavelength, and range.


The Litebook technology also has the ability to diffuse colors in precise wavelengths that maximize the benefits of your specific therapeutic care.


Using an essential-oil nebulizing diffuser, the aromatherapy system fills the area with soothing scents that will help to refresh your mind and body.


The Vendana sound system totally surrounds you, covering up any other audible frequencies, and offers an exquisite sound experience.

Count on the Wednesday Room’s new Vendana Spa Unit to cool down and let loose after a long day of sight-seeing, whale-watching, shopping, or whatever else you find yourself doing in Sandwich. And be sure to let us know if you enjoyed it, as we look forward to installing the system in some of our other rooms.

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