Make the MOST of a Rainy Day in Sandwich, MA

All global warming arguments and apocalyptic theories aside, you can’t deny the crazy weather patterns we’ve been experiencing this year. While New England is definitely used to this kind of thing, we never get tired of talking about it or finding new ways to keep our life moving even when the weather refuses to cooperate.

Staying active and having fun is much easier said than done… especially when you’re on vacation, but before you hide away in your room to watch endless hours of television, check out some of these weather-proof activities in the Sandwich area.

1. Learn How to Blow Glass

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Ever notice how glass is one of those things that we all know and love, but we don’t really have any idea where it comes from? The Sandwich Glass Museum is the perfect place to view tons of unique glass pieces, learn how glass is made, and maybe even blow some glass for yourself!

Live glassblowing exhibitions happen every hour on the hour, and the glassblower will choose one lucky guest to press an actual piece of glass. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

2. Take a Walking Tour through Time

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Before you ask, no- this tour does not involve Deloreans or Hoverboards. Instead, it involves the historic Wing Fort House which is believed to be oldest known homestead in the US continuously owned by the same family.

I know it sounds boring, but hear me out! Each room is set up with furniture, decor, and rare artifacts that represent a specific time period. One second, you’re in a colonial kitchen, but a few steps later, you may find yourself in a beautiful Victorian-inspired parlor. And remember: there HAS to be a reason why they never wanted to sell the place…

3. Do Some “Magical Shopping”

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Shopping never gets old and it’s definitely weather-proof, but your average souveneir shops can get boring. I mean, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all. Instead of spending all your money on shot glasses and t-shirts, why not take a trip to Sandwich’s own Lavender Moon?: your #1 source for all things “magical!”

Not only is this place fully stocked with tarot cards, herbs, and smudge sticks, there are always physhics on duty ready to tell you about your future. Whether you believe in the paranormal world or not, this is an unexpectedly fun way to have a few laughs, check out some really creepy merchandise (this just in: “Witch Balls” are back in stock), and maybe even learn something new.

While your beautiful room at the Belfry and our delicious food might be enough to keep you dry and entertained during even the rainiest days, you should definitely take some time to  brave the storm to explore some of these indoor Sandwich treasures.

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