Lions, tigers, and SHARKS! Oh, My!

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It seems as though fewer and fewer people have been catching the waves at Cape Cod beaches this summer due to sightings of Great White Sharks in the area. What might be bad news for someone just trying to cool off in the ocean could be exciting news for those of you looking to spice up your typical Cape Cod getaway.

So what’s bringing all the sharks here anyway? Local marine biologists claim it’s due to the explosion of the seal population in the area as well as the sudden spike in water temperatures. Sharks are somewhat nomadic and follow their prey without any real sense of direction.

So far, most of the sightings have occurred off the coast of Chatham, MA which just happens to be a quick drive from Sandwich! So instead of doing the usual musems and shopping travel routine, take your family on a shark hunt! Even if you don’t get to see a Great White, your kids will love playing “explorer” and learning new things.

Or you can take the expedition one step further and go on a whale watch! You never know what will be hanging out at Stellwagon Bank, so get a seat on the boat, bring your camera, and expect to get closer to exotic marine life than ever before.

And once you’ve returned from a long day of shark hunting, your clean, comfortable room at the Belfry will be waiting for you.

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