Fine Dining near Boston MA

Belfry Inn and Bistro.

Massachusetts is famous for several things. You can opt to visit Boston and partake in a Red Sox game at Fenway, visit several museums as well a plethora of famous school campuses. However, one may decide to opt out and instead of hanging out with the party crowd, perhaps you want to unwind and relax. If this is your goal, consider lodging at the Belfry Inn and Bistro located in Sandwich, Massachusetts. There are two buildings respectively called The Abbey, and the Painted Lady and both are quite exquisite offer originality, style, and most importantly comfort in the Cape Cod area additionally, it adds to a great Bed and Breakfast experience.

The Painted Lady boasts its Victorian high ceiling architecture built in the late 1800s and has everything to make you want to come back for more. The building encompasses about nine individual rooms, each with modern electronics such as flat screen televisions adding to your
entertainment. Additionally, conveniently located on the first floor is the Painted Lady Cafe for your dining pleasure.

Moreover adding spice and excitement regarding the Belfry Inn, you can choose which room to stay in respectfully adding to its originality as a Bed and Breakfast in Sandwich, MA. Some examples are the George Room, Lemuel Room, and John Room. Perhaps if you are bringing young ones with you consider the Ida room which offers two beds for your convenience.

The Abbey, also part of the Belfry Inn carries its own original and exciting experience. The six rooms titled according to the days of the week Monday- Friday respectively offer their own original perspective. Who says you have to stay in the Friday room on a Saturday? Whatever may come of your choice, be sure to visit the Bistro and bar located on the first floor for exceptional fine dining. The Abbey and the Belfry Inn offers personal touches for unwinding such as a fireplace, whirlpool bathtubs, skylight ceilings, balconies, and as if you need televisions, and or wireless internet, everything is included for your pleasure whatever it may be. So come down to Sandwich, MA and we can toast to the good life at the Belfry Inn and Bistro.


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