Drink in a church on Cape Cod

Have you ever been to a bar in a church?  That’s not the sort of question you expect to hear every day.  However, this is the sort of thing that you should definitely add to your list of things to do when visiting Cape Cod.   The reverent atmosphere and hushed interior are soothing and conducive to a relaxing evening, whether solitary or paired.

Visiting a bar in a former church building is a paradox.  It callsto mind a sort of early childhood feeling of naughtiness to have a drink in a building that once housed such lofty moral authority.  This can make for an interesting experience indeed.  If you’re looking for a venue in which to try it, you might want to look into the Belfry Inn.

The Belfry Inn in Sandwich, MA has many marvelous features.  The Belfry is B&B that happens to be inside of a former church building.  It also houses a bar. Built in 1872, the Belfry Inn is comprised of what was once a catholic church.  The current owners have carefully retained all of the delightful architecture of the stately building and have incorporated it into the overall aura of the bar itself.  The deep red brick of the outer walls gives way to a gentle elegance that embraces the patron and offers an afternoon or an evening of escape.

The intimate feeling can be extremely romantic, especially for newlyweds.  The Belfry Inn has more than a bar-it also specializes in weddings.  What better place to have a celebratory drink than in the deep recesses of a former chapel?

A visit to Cape Cod can be a unique vacation. Adding the original experience of visiting a bar in a church is something more than a run of the mill weekend away.  It can sound mundane, but rather it is quite an exceptional event.  And the next time someone is bragging about their fabulous weekend away, you can top them by telling them about the time you went to a bar in a church.

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