Best Cape Cod Chef at the Belfry Bistro

The Belfry Bistro is an intimate restaurant, located in the Belfry Inne , and operated by the best Cape Cod Chef, Executive Chef Benjamin Porter. The Belfry Inne is a group of three restored buildings from the past. The Belfry Bistro is located within the Belfry Inne , and offers a delicious, cape cod fine dining, menu of contemporary American cuisine. Visitors to the Bistro can dine at tables for two, or attend elegant parties that hold over 100 guests. The menu at The Belfry Bistro is full of dishes that contain exquisite tastes, served with an appealing style. The best Cape Cod chef is often found cooking fascinating meals while using regional seasonal ingredients. The ambience at the Belfry Bistro is second to none. This elegant Cape Cod fine dining restaurant is located in The Abbey, a former Catholic church. This building has been completely restored, and contains high ceilings, stained-glass and historical furnishings. According to a restaurant review site, Open Table, the Belfry Bistro is rated at a 4.5 out of 5 in ambience, and also rates overall experience and food at a 4.4. Although the menu changes by season, visitors are sure to enjoy the creative desserts, gourmet coffees and specialty teas that are always available. The best chef in Cape Cod also strives hard when preparing the weekly Sunday morning brunch menu. On this menu, you can find Banana and Cape Cranberry Bread, Organic Yogurt, House Made Corned Beef Hash and many more elegant dishes.

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