Best Bar in a Church on Cape Cod

Perhaps you are looking for a romantic spot to steal away to and get married; not a problem. You will love all the beautiful landscape and exciting Inns and beaches that you will find here at Cape Cod Belfry Bistro. We have a large selection of fine restaurants for you to choose from and a even larger selection of entertainment packages.The Belfry Bistro is the best bar in a church on Cape Cod, and it has a variety of entertainment, excitement, and great dining. Whatever you need to make your grand day more memorable you can find it here. The Belfry Bistro Inn is a beautiful historic building which is set in a great architectural design. The fact that it is a former church with more beauty than the eye can see, makes it the perfect place to visit. Last minute planning leaves little time for details. However, you are in the right place to make everything you want to happen instantly. The Bistro Inn has a bar, a dining room, a happy hour bar, indoor and outdoor dining, a wine bar and so much more. It is wonderful to have everything you need within your reach. This makes getting married or celebrating your anniversary even more appealing. If you decide to tie the knot here at the Belfry Bistro they are capable of handling crowds up to 110 inside and up to 150 outside, under the tent. You can have a great time at the Bistro. Entertainment is on Friday and Saturday night is reserved for piano lovers and Sunday is open for Jazz lovers. When you need to get away, do it in style and do it the right way. You have all the luxury and convenience of the best bar in a church on Cape Cod, go ahead, and take advantage of the good life, we are waiting for you.

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