Affordable Cape Cod Wedding Ideas

The mention of a wedding on the Cape evokes images of classic, elegant ceremonies with a casual, beachside feel. While this sought-after location can come with a high price tag, you can still have an affordable Cape Cod wedding that is catered to your unique taste. There are many ways to celebrate your marriage that will allow your wedding keep the charming character of the Cod without sacrificing your whole budget.  Whether you are planning a lavish affair or a more intimate family gathering, high on your list will be location. The classic Cape Cod venue of a resort with a Mansion overlooking the Bay is a luxurious location, but some couples are going for a simpler wedding. Simple does not have to mean a loss of romantic appeal. A backyard celebration offers an idyllic setting for a more intimate affair whether it is an inn, bed and breakfast, or museum gardens.  Renting a public place such as a community center, park, church, gallery might require you to obtain a permit first, but it can offer a cheaper renting price than a privately-owned banquet hall would have.   For couples who want to stray from the traditional route, affordable Cape Cod weddings on cruise ships are another option that is rising in popularity. You and your guests can enjoy a whale watching tour while celebrating on the water. Horse-drawn carriage tours through historical districts are another unique option.  The rocky coast with its lighthouses already offers a perfect view for your wedding photos, and a sunset ceremony on any beach is sure to capture the beauty and allure of Cape Cod. The charm of Cape Cod lies with its natural beauty. Whether that means an outdoor ceremony in the gardens of an inn or a laid-back, shoeless gathering on the beach, taking advantage of open-air can give you the affordable Cape Cod wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

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