7 cape cod vacation tips for workaholics

Do you hear the call of your BlackBerry more often than the whisper of sweet nothings in your ear? Do you check your email from the shower?  Then a weekend on Cape Cod might be exactly what you need. Here are 7 vacation tips for workaholics on the Cape.

1. There are wireless hotspots. The days of compromising your web surfing when you leave town have ended. Wireless hotspots are all over the Cape. So while you relax in the Jacuzzi, you can still Skype with your colleagues. Um…if you really want to.

2.  You can improve your swing.  The major networking activity of the up and coming young executive is still golf. And while you may not always have time to manage a game at home, Cape Cod has 32 major golf courses all set to help you improve your game.

3. The food is delicious. Workaholics rarely get to eat fabulous food unless they’re wining and dining clients and let’s face it: that can lead to heartburn of epic proportions. But a workaholic on Cape Cod can find numerous restaurants to shore you up for those long evenings of takeout.

4. It’s a great place to muti-task. If you’ve managed to snag yourself a partner for life, why not get married on Cape Cod? After the ceremony, you can stay on for the honeymoon, saving you a trip and satisfying your craving to kill two birds with one stone.

5. You cam easily pay homage to another hardworking man.  Hyannis boasts both the JKF memorial and the JFK museum.

6. It’s brimming with history.  This is an area in which it pays to know an obscure fact.or two, for that lull in the friendly banter at a business cocktail party.

7. You can relax. It can be hard, but taking a break is just as important to your professional life as it is to burn the midnight oil. Walk the beaches, sleep in, linger over your coffee, spend an entire day with just yourself and your significant other.

For a workaholic on Cape Cod, there are plenty of modern conveniences that make it ideal to take a vacation in this lovely spot and keep you in touch with your office.  Even more, there is plenty to make you put it on the backburner. You might even want to leave your cellphone at home.

Or not.

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