7 Cape Cod Vacation Tips for Runners

So, you’re headed to Cape Cod for a fabulous vacation. But you’re a runner, so you’re worried about how you can stay in shape while enjoying the coast. We’ve got 7 great cape code vacation tips for runners:

Cape Cod Running

Enjoy the scenery – You’re in a beautiful location, so don’t forget to look around. You get used to the same old scenery on your usual routes, but you’re on vacation. Enjoy the beautiful view.

Relax – You’re in Cape Cod and you’re on vacation. While it’s ideal to keep up with your training plan, it’s also important for you to relax. Don’t worry about adding an extra mile while you’re on vacation, just be happy to fit in a run.

Crosstrain- If you’re used to running on concrete or a track, this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself by taking a run on the beach. You can also take a nice walk on the beach to give your body a rest from all those long runs you normally do. Even better? Hop in to the water as a nice reward!

Exercise with a Buddy – Hopefully, your significant other is a runner. If not, everyone can still enjoy a nice romantic walk on the beach in Cape Cod. What else are vacations for?

Check Out the Local Hangouts – You’re checking out the local restaurants online, but did you know you can also scout out online where locals like to run. If you don’t have luck online, see if there’s a local sports store, concierge or innkeeper who can tell you the best places to run.
Drink Plenty of Water – You’re on vacation, so it’s natural that you’re going to be enjoying some of the best restaurants (and beverages) Cape Cod has to offer. Make sure to stay hydrated to avoid hangovers and to make sure you’ll have a successful run.

Take Good Running Shoes – Barefoot beach running may look romantic, but if you’re not used to it, it can wreak havoc on you. If you’re not comfortable running on the beach, there are plenty of routes you can take that will have you on more stable ground, but still enjoying the sights of Cape Cod.

That looks like 7 cape cod vacation tips for runners that will keep you happy and healthy! Hope you’ve found these 7 cape cod vacation tips for runners helpful. Happy trails!

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