7 Cape Cod Vacation Activities You Don’t Want to Miss

Cape Cod is a very popular vacation spot for any and everyone. Here are just 7 Cape Cod vacation activities you don’t want to miss:

1) Nickerson State Park is located in Brewster. It is one of the most popular camping sites on Cape Cod. Locals consider it one of the best. Campers enjoy hiking, fishing, bicycling and swimming. This park is very popular in the summertime. That’s when reservations are required.

Cape Cod Vacation Activities Nickerson State Park

Scargo Hill is located in Dennis. It’s 28 foot stone and rock tower provides a great views of Cape Cod and its surrounding area. Get a panoramic view across Cape Cod Bay from Provincetown to Boston.

Scargo Hill Cape Cod Vacation Activities

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is over 750 acres. Explore its marshlands, wetlands and coastal ridges. It is open to tourists all year long, providing exhibits, lectures and tours. Be sure to check out the cedar swamp! It is full of nature trails!

Wellfleet bay wildlife sanctuary cape cod vacation activities

Whale watching in Provincetown is a must for tourists. In the springtime, whales travel more than 4,000 miles to the offshore area near Provincetown. Whales, including Sperm Whales, are spotted everyday. Catch one of the cruises that set sail from the end of the Cape.

Cape Cod Whale Watching

Cape Cod Windsurfing is a breathtaking experience. Rent windsurfing gear, or other watersports equipment on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Vacation Activities Wind Surfing

Try a unique experience such as kayaking,sunfishing and sailing. You can always find a place to take lessons, as well. Bass River Cruises and Kayaks is a Cape Cod family owned business, that offers activities for the entire family. They’re known for the chartered cruises with exciting narrators.

Cape Cod Vacation Activities Kayaking

Learn about Cape Cod history that includes pirates. Shipwrecks, Indians and Vikings of the past.

Cape Cod Ship Wrecks Vacation Activites

Skydive Cape Cod over its fabulous beaches. Capture the exciting views of the Cod while experiencing the thrill of this unique activity. They specialize in first time skydivers and bicycle skydiving. Freefall 120 MPH for 40 seconds, from two miles up in the air!

Cape Cod Sky Diving Vacation Activities

These are just 7 Cape Cod vacation activities you don’t want to miss .There are numerous things to do in the Cob that can be enjoyable for everyone inyour family. There are activities for kids, adults, lovers,newlyweds, singles, men and women. Whether you are planning a Cape Cod vacation, s earching for a romantic cape cod bed andbreakfast or planning to get married on Cape Cod, you will always find something enjoyable to do, including Cape Cod fine dining, on Cape Cod.

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