7 Cape Cod Restaurant Tips for Foodies

Cape Cod is an excellent location for foodies who love a variety of cuisine types. If you’ve never been to Cape Cod before, or have never sampled area cuisine, you’ve missed a genuine treat. While the Cape is most famous for its seafood, there are several other great types of cuisine available, including exciting fusion cuisine. The Cape is a fun place to visit in the context of a foodie tour.

Cape Cod Restaurant

Here are 7 Cape Cod vacation tips for foodies:

1. Remember that many of the cape cod restaurants, including those found in hotels, that are on the Cape operate on a seasonal schedule. Many are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you’re sure you want to visit a particular restaurant, make sure that it will be open during the time you’ll be there. The same applies to planning on staying at a particular hotel for a wedding, honeymoon or romantic vacation.

2. If you love seafood, it’s good to become acquainted with the two types of clams that are served. This is one of the most popular of the 7 Cape Cod vacation tips for foodies, because clams are considered to be a New England staple. Quahogs have a hard shell, and might be served raw or steamed. Larger quahogs are often used in chowder. Steamer clams are soft-shelled. These are often served steamed or fried.

3. When you decide to have lobster, it’s often best to select a restaurant that allows you to choose your own lobster or to make sure the lobster was caught by a local boat. Active lobsters are generally healthy, and offer good meat. Smaller lobsters are somewhat more preferable, because the meat will be tender.

4. If you’re seeking a more romantic trip, there are several restaurants that offer special touches for couples. Look for restaurants that offer deck dining, with a nice sunset view. If you are looking for a great restaurant in Sandwich try the Belfry Bistro at the Belfry Inne.

5. Many B and B’s offer nice dining experiences for couples. Although not all are open to guests year-round, many do offer discounted rates during the off-season. This includes spring and fall.

6. Some couples may prefer lighter food late at night. Many Cape Cod Fine Dining restaurants offer tapas-style appetizers on their menus. These can be quite filling, without being too heavy.

7. Many couples who are getting married and already have kids want them to be involved. Many restaurants offer a bit of something for everyone. This allows couples to dine in a romantic setting while keeping their children happy.

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