7 Cape Cod Family Vacation Travel Tips

It’s easy to find yourself completely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless sea of things to do on Cape Cod, especially if it’s your first time visiting, but don’t fret! Here is a handy list of my top 7 cape cod vacation tips for families! 1. Going “Lighthousing” From Race Point to Wings Neck, there are over a dozen beautiful lighthouses to visit. You can even enter almost all of the various towers that span the cape, on guided tours. Or, if you want to get your sea legs, you can go on one of the many charter cruises, available day or evening, that take you down the coast to see all of the different lighthouses in one sitting. 2. Eat a Freshly Caught Meal If you’re like me, than you enjoy seafood most when it is caught fresh, and on Cape Cod, you can bet on your fish, clam, or lobster was caught not be a few hours before it reaches your taste buds! 3. Go Cycling or Hiking If you fancy yourself an outdoor adventure, or just want to get some fresh air, head on over to Nickerson State Park for a nice walk. There are also many bike rental locations on the cape if you’d rather bike the pristine coastline. 4. Head to the Beach! Cape Cod is full of gorgeous beach and shoreline, so why not grab your towels and hit the beach? Often regarded as some of the best in the world, the myriad of beaches offer nearly 560 miles of natural coastline. 5. Visit the Cape Cod Winery Taste some of the best wines America has to offer at the Cape Cod Winery. Located in East Falmoth, the winery is open throughout the year, with $5 wine tastings Wednesday through Sunday. 6. Take a Whale Watching Cruise See the majestic creatures of the deep as the breach the surface from the comfort of a cozy yacht. The whale watching season, which begins an May and peaks in October, offers a fairly large window of opportunity to see the magical Baleen and Toothed whales. 7. Stock up on Sweets Nearly every town on Cape Cod has a sweets store, but my personal favorite is Cabot’s Candy, located in Provincetown. Be sure to try the saltwater taffy! I hope you enjoyed my 7 Cape Cod vacation tips for families, be safe and have fun on your travels!

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