7 Best Cape Cod Beach Fire Spots

Cape Cod has a lot of great places to fish, wind surf and go fishing by day.  But by night, building a fire and sitting around it spending some quality time with the love of your life is just as fun.  Some fire spots are better than others, and the best Cape Cod beach fire spots are tucked away.  Some are so untouched that being there makes you feel like Robinson Crusoe, which is a very romantic feeling.

If you’ve never been to South Beach, the trip is more than worthwhile.  This highly secluded beach becomes one of the best Cape Cod beach fire spots after dark.  Granted, you will have to charter a boat to get out there and back after the 4:30 ferry leaves, but the raw natural beauty of the area is incredible and the absolute solitude is epic.  If you want to have some good times alone, South Beach is perfect.

If you’re into something a little less rustic, Rock Harbor in Orleans is an incredible place to build a fire and relax.  Right off Route 6A, Rock Harbor has an interesting distinction.  This is one of the best Cape Cod beach fire spots because unlike most beaches on the east coast, it faces west.  Drive up, park on a paved spot where you don’t need a permit, and watch the setting sun slowly sink into the water with someone special.

If you want some quiet time on the beach, Sandy Neck Beach is another great spot.  On this six mile long protected beach on the bay side, you have both low tides and some great views from the beach’s sandy hills.  Take some time to find the perfect spot to build your fire, and you’ll be richly rewarded.

Building a little fire and getting cozy is easy in Cape Cod.  With so many of the best Cape Cod beach fire spots within easy reach, you’ll have a tough time picking one.  Whether you’re going out to pop the question, celebrating life with your eternal flame or just feeling the rush of young love, the beaches of Cape Cod are just special enough for your special someone.

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