3 Reasons Why YOU Need to go on a Cape Cod Whale Watch

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We know they exist and we know they’re Earth’s largest mammals, but how often do we get to see them? Not very often (unless you take frequent trips to SeaWorld). Lucky for you, Cape Cod is home to native, REAL whales that you can get up close and personal with WITHOUT hopping on a plane to Florida.

Not so sure if it’s worth it? Consider the following:

1. Your goldfish is not a whale.

Let’s get real: when’s the last time you’ve actually seen marine life (pet stores don’t count!)? Even if you’ve visited the New England Aquarium lately, there’s just something exciting about seeing live, untamed wildlife. Oh, and just so we’re clear, Humpback Whales are about 4 times the size of Shamu- and I’m only talking about a small one.

2. Everyone loves boats.

Well, not someone who’s just watched “Titanic,” but mostly everyone. Even if you don’t happen to catch too many whales while out on your journey, a trip to Stellwagon Bank on a big fishing boat is something that everyone in your family can enjoy, so no need to worry about keeping the “so bored” crowd happy.

3. It’s cheaper than a day at the Aquarium.

We all love to see wildlife, but zoos and marine parks can get expensive. Thankfully, whalewatches average out at about $30 per adult and $20 per child. Plus, most allow children 6 and under to ride for free! Check out the local tourist information centers (or the front desk of the Belfry) for admission coupons! Imagine: you can do something fun and STILL have money leftover for a nice dinner!

Have you ever been on a whale watch? 

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