3 Reasons to Come to our Wine Tastings!


When most people think “wine tasting,” they think of a gathering of pretentious people sipping on some mediocre wines while making small talk.

At the Belfry Bistro, we like to redefine wine tastings and make them something you actually want to attend- not just something your significant other guilted you into or something you do out of pure boredom.

So here’s why we think you should ditch your normal Wednesday night routine (which, by the way, you don’t have one), and stop by the Belfry for a drink with us instead.

1. You don’t have anything else going on.

As I said before, our tastings are on Wednesdays which means they’re the perfect opportunity to relax and take a breather before you continue on with the rest of your workweek. We won’t interfere with your weekend plans (unless you decide to come back for dinner on Saturday night…) nor will we keep you out too late.

2. Our wine selections beat the local bar’s by far.

We feature four new, refreshing wines each week. You won’t see any grocery store brands here- only carefully hand picked selections that you’ll definitely miss when dining somewhere else. In the past we’ve featured selections from vineyards all over the country, and sometimes we even have the winemaker stop by for the tasting!

3. Making friends is fun, right?

Tastings at the Belfry are not your typical awkward get togethers, so there’s no small-talk necessary. Feel free to either stick by your party or branch out and meet some new people. The Belfry is known for it’s comfortable, “at-home” atmosphere, and that feeling definitely comes through at the tastings. Make sure to bring a camera and share your event pictures with us on our Facebook page!

So, what are YOU doing Wednesday night? If these reasons didn’t convince you, check out our schedule and selections list.

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