10 Best Beach Wedding Spots for a Cape Cod Wedding

When it comes to planning a memorable wedding, there are few places more beautiful than the beach wedding spots on Cape Cod. The beautiful shores of the Cape extend over 560 miles; it is a beautiful region filled with rivers, ponds, lighthouses and scenic towns that promise an unforgettable wedding experience.

Cape Cod Beach Wedding Spot

There are a variety of beach wedding spots on Cape Cod, including public and private shores; the list is extensive. However, we have narrowed it down for you to the ten best wedding spots on Cape Cod.

Perhaps two of the most raved about beach wedding spots on Cape Cod are Skaket and Nauset Beach in Orleans. Both are extraordinary seashore wedding spots. Located on the bay side, a Skaket beach wedding promises a spectacular sunset and calmwaters. Located on the Atlantic side of theCape, a Nauset beach wedding provides a view of awe-inspiring waves and white sands.

There are several beach wedding spots with views of landmarks. Hidden in Woods Hole is what many consider one of the best beach wedding spots on Cape Cod: Nobska Point Lighthouse. Standing over 40 feet tall, it was the first lighthouse built at Nobska Point; it is highly recommended a beach wedding spot because of the romantic view it provides of sunset. In Sandwich, a much sought after is the beautifully inscribed boardwalk at Town Neck Beach. Jonathan Young Windmill Park at Town Cove in Orleans is another one of the best beach wedding spots on Cape Cod. Built in about 1720, this historic windmill is located off Route 28 in Town Cove Park. The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown is a popular Cape Cod wedding spot, with a panoramic view of the Bay and Atlantic.

Four excellent private beach wedding spots on the Cape are Highfield Hall in Falmouth and the three Winslow estates in Pleasant Bay South Orleans. The historic Highfield Hall, built in 1878, was recently voted as Cape Cod’ s best wedding venue; a Queen Anne-style mansion it is described by many as the Cape Cod’s crown jewel. Winslow estates waterfront wedding spots include the seventeen-room Gentle Heritage Mediterranean estate; the five-bed Dock of the Bay and Meetinghouse Pond; and the five-bedroom Bay House on Pleasant Bay in South Orleans. Each of the Winslow estate overlook the Atlantic, Quanset Pond, Nauset Beach, and Pleasant Bay; providing some of the best private beach wedding on Cape Cod.

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I want a wedding on the beach just don’t know how to go about it. On the cape…


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